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Weekly Shows

The Dutch Team

A year after Cliff Richard Radio was started by Paul Dyer in New Zealand, The Dutch Team started their programs for fans in neighboring countries on Tuesday evening. You can listen to the show every Tuesday evening from 9 am to 11 pm UK time. During this program they play requests, talk to Cliff fans and report on performances in the environment.

This weekly program will be replayed on Wednesday twice and is presented by Theo Erkens.

The production is in the hands of Gerard Sterk, also a great Cliff fan. Gerard is a retired professional buyer at Philips Research and Theo is a statistician and a well-known radio and television presenter.

Following the presentation of an article in De Telegraaf being the largest newspaper in the Netherlands, Gerard and Theo gave interviews via numerous radio stations in Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Belgium with the aim of raising awareness of Cliff Richard Radio.  

Once a year, around Christmas, they organize a Cliff Christmas Party in Eindhoven for fans who come to the Netherlands for this from various countries, but you can also come across The Dutch Team at several other Cliff events.

The highlight was a visit to the Cliff vineyard in Guia (Portugal), where Gerard and Theo had the honor to interview Sir Cliff for almost fifteen minutes.  

In recent years, The Dutch Team is delighted to have built a strong bond with listeners from many countries, including outside Europe, and they make their program with heart and soul every week. You can reach them via the telephone number 0031 40 243 9570 or by email: 

Wired For Sound

After 9 and a half years on air The Paul Show is now renamed Wired For Sound going, enjoy an hour with Paul as he brings you the hits and the very rare songs from Cliff's catalogue. Paul always invites you to chat along with him on the main page and submit requests and often puts the listener in charge of the hours playlist. Thursday evening is best served with your weekly dose of Wired For Sound

Cliff Clips With Petra

In April 2015 I heard Paul Dyer mention my name on his show on Cliff Richard Radio in connection with the videos I have been posting since 2006 on my YouTube channels. I got in touch with him and he invited me to do something with my videos on his radio station.

That's when I started the Cliff Clips show. At first the show was half an hour each week and it was part of the Paul show. 

On the 11th November 2015 I got my own slot for an one hour show on every second Friday night. And I love it! Planning the show, finding the videos and giving some info about them and the where and when. It is an interactive show because at the time of broadcast I will add the relevant videoclips on the Cliff Clips chat.

Saturday Night Jukebox With Terrie and Joseph

In 2015 The Thank You For a Knights Time show was born. It started as The Team Cliff Show, changed name to Let’s Have a Party, then in October 2018 changed again to Thank You for A Knights Time, in 2020  Terrie Changed the name to Cliff and Friends.

The show is a mixed bag of anything Cliff, but we also play Cliff’s friends including Cilla Black, Olivia Newton John and Simon Goodall.  

We love hearing from you, the listener, and always welcome feedback about the show, requests and messages, and love to share your special occasions, birthdays, Anniversaries, etc., with you.

The show is hosted by Terrie Hope. I grew up in Africa, in a family of Radio and television presenters. As a child I spent a lot of time in radio studios and on TV. Cliff has been a great part of my life for many years, although I was unable to go to concerts until recent years. I have enjoyed the changing styles of Cliff over the years.

If you have a song request, a message or any other comment, please contact me on Facebook, twitter, or by email

Rise Up With Nora

You're going to 'Rise Up Feeling Stronger' after listening to Nora every Sunday night, a great way to get ready for the week ahead.

Living In Harmony With Steve

First Wednesday of every month.

The station runs 24/7 and is run single handedly by Paul.

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